Families of Lovettsville

According to Briscoe Goodhart’s 1900 book “The German Settlement” it is impossible to give a correct list of the early settlers of “The German Settlement” (today’s Lovettsville, Virginia), but the following names are believed to represent all the German families, given in alphabetical order.  [Briscoe Goodhart’s list was obviously not complete, so this page will be evolving as more names are added.]

Arnold, Ames, Axline,
Baker, Bartlett, Beamer, Bolin, Brawn, Boyer, Best, Booth,
Cooper, Compher, Crim, Cruze, Cordell,
Davis, Dorr,
Everhart, English, Eamich,
Fry, Fawley, Filler, Frasier,
Goodhart, Grubb,
Heater, Hickman, Householder, Hamilton, Hefner, Hoy, Houser,
Kemp, Kern, Kalb,
Lovett, Lay,
Mann, Magaha, Martin, Mock, Mill,
Nicewarner, Potterfield, Parmer,
Ruse, Ropp, Roller,
Sands, Spring, Stream, Stoneburner, Slater, Souder, Snoots, Swank, Sanbower, Stoutsenberger, Stouts, Stocks,
Taylor, Tritapoe, Titus,
Virts, Vincel,
Wenner, Weiss, Wine, Wire, Wired, Walkman, Williams, Working, Wunder, Wolford.