Lovettsville Museum on List of Top 20 Museums in Loudoun County

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA: Loudoun County is home to many museums and art galleries. Here is TripAdvisor’s list of top 20 museums and art galleries in Loudoun County, according to reader reviews on the site.*

  1. National Sporting Library & Museum (Middleburg)
  2. Heritage Farm Museum (Sterling)
  3. Winmill Carriage Museum (Leesburg)
  4. Loudoun Museum (Leesburg)
  5. Gallery On Madison (Middleburg)
  6. The Sporting Gallery (Middleburg)
  7. Museum of Hounds and Hunting (Leesburg)
  8. Red Fox Fine Art (Middleburg)
  9. The Byrne Gallery (Middleburg)
  10. Round Hill Arts Center (Round Hill)
  11. Lovettsville Historical Society and Museum (Lovettsville)
  12. Smithsonian Institution Naturalist Center (Leesburg)
  13. Potterosa David Norton Pottery (Round Hill)
  14. Trowbridge-Lewis Galleries (Middleburg)
  15. Gleedsville Art Gallery (Leesburg)
  16. King Street Studios (Leesburg)
  17. Gallery 222 (Leesburg)
  18. Earth and Fire Gallery (Leesburg)
  19. Leesburg African American Heritage Trail (Leesburg)
  20. Waddell Art Gallery (Sterling)

*TripAdvisor determines the ranking based on highest rated reviews. This was the ranking as of the posting date of this article.

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