“Colonial Life in Maryland and Virginia,” Next in the Lovettsville Historical Society’s 2017 Free Lecture Series (6/11/2017)


Next in the Lovettsville Historical Society’s 2017 Free Lecture Series,

Presented by Prof. Paul D. McDermott,

Sunday, June 11, 2017, at 2:00 pm

On Sunday, June 11, the Lovettsville Historical Society will continue its 2017 Lecture Series with a presentation on what life was like during the colonial period in Maryland and Virginia. Prof. Paul McDermott will tell the story of our early years using primary source materials such as tax inventories, land patents, and maps.

Prof. McDermott has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. He has written five books, three of which featured history subjects, such as the Transcontinental Railroad, the building of Mullan Road, the first wagon road to cross the Rocky Mountains, and George Washington’s Potomac.  One of his interests is the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and he is a regional speaker about the canal.

Prof. McDermott was appointed as a visiting scholar to Library of Congress’s Geography and Map Division. He has taught at seven colleges and universities, including Briarcliff College, Montgomery College, University of Maryland, and George Mason University.

The program will be held at St. James United Church of Christ, 10 East Broad Way, Lovettsville, Va., at 2:00 p.m on June 11, 2017.   Admission is free, but donations are welcome to defray expenses of the program and to support the activities of the Lovettsville Historical Society.

For further information, contact:
Edward Spannaus 540-822-9194, or 703-727-9758



Map from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

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Robert Sayer and John Bennett (Firm)
Short Title:
A General Map of the Middle British Colonies, in America.
Sayer and Bennett
Publisher Location: