Revolutionary War Veterans of Lovettsville

Laurence Everhart

Conrad Roller

John Stoutsenberger,    LHS Free Lecture Series: “Save the Historic Stoutsenberger Farmstead” – Purcellville Gazette (2013)

Philip P. Wirtz


Lovettsville war history extends back in time beyond the Civil War to Revolutionary times. Many of long-standing names associated with Lovettsville, such as Axline, Roller, Everhart, Stoutsenberger, Fry, Householder, Ruse, Slack, Vinzel and Wirtz were soldiers in the Revolutionary War and lived here during those years.

These graves and others can be found in town and local cemeteries.  To find out more about Lovettsville Revolutionary war heroes, click Find A Grave for a direct link to “Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots of Lovettsville and the German Settlement,” a “virtual cemetery” for these soldiers, built by museum board member Ed Spannaus.


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