World War I Veterans of Lovettsville

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One hundred years ago on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, the guns fell silent across the battlefields, ending the the First World War.  The sacrifice of lives on both sides was tremendous.  The world had changed forever.  Lovettsville also sent her sons and daughters.  On this day especially we honor and remember those who served our nation in the Great War.

Carl Anderson

Howard Axline

Benjamin Baker

Hubert Baker

George Bartlett

Ray Beck

William Boger

Charles Booth

John Bowers

Addisson Bramhall

Charles Compher

Grant Compher

Nathaniel Cooper

Nealy Cooper

Richard Cooper

Fred Eamich

George Eamich

Elmer English

John Everhart

Dr. Carroll Foley

Chester Fry

Earl Fry

Oscar Henry Fry

Rex Fry

Roy Fry

Carl Frye

John Gray

Charles Greene

Daniel Greene

Fenton Greene

Jack Greene

Mary Grubb (R.N.)

Walter Hickman

Oliver Hough

John Keister

George King

Robert Lewis

Lester Mason

Blanche McKimmey (Nurse)

Earl McKimmey

Clyde Orndorff

J. Hilleary Orrison

Samuel Paxon

Bernard Potterfield

Harry Potterfield

Lee Potts

Harrison Riley

William Ruediger

Dr. Leslie Rusmiselle

J.R.L. Shoemaker

Roy Shoemaker

Robert Simpson

Ray Smith

Roy Smith

Dwight Souder

Bernard Spring

Charles Stone

Harry Stream

Thomas Virts

Warden Werking

Clark Wiard

William Wilt

George Wire



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