People and Families of Lovettsville

According to Briscoe Goodhart’s 1900 book “The German Settlement” it is impossible to give a correct list of the early settlers of “The German Settlement” (today’s Lovettsville, Virginia), but the following names are believed to represent all the German families, given in alphabetical order.  [Briscoe Goodhart’s list was obviously not complete, so this page will be evolving as more names are added.]

Arnold, Ames, Axline,
Baker, Bartlett, Beamer, Bolin, Brawn, Boyer, Best, Booth,
Cooper, Compher, Crim, Cruze, Cordell,
Davis, Dorr,
Everhart, English, Eamich,
Fry, Fawley, Filler, Frasier,
Goodhart, Grubb,
Heater, Hickman, Householder, Hamilton, Hefner, Hoy, Houser,
Kemp, Kern, Kalb,
Lovett, Lay,
Mann, Magaha, Martin, Mock, Mill,
Nicewarner, Potterfield, Parmer,
Ruse, Ropp, Roller,
Sands, Spring, Stream, Stoneburner, Slater, Souder, Snoots, Swank, Sanbower, Stoutsenberger, Stouts, Stocks,
Taylor, Tritapoe, Titus,
Virts, Vincel,
Wenner, Weiss, Wine, Wire, Wired, Walkman, Williams, Working, Wunder, Wolford.

John Axline        Citation

David Axline      Citation

Eva Householder Axline      Citation

Elisabeth Bornhaus      Citation

Jacob Bornhaus      Citation

Raymond Luther Cooper, WWII Gold Star Soldier from Lovettsville      Citation

William Burns Downey     Citation

Winfield Scott Downey      Citation

Calvin Welty Downey      Citation

Anna Marie Fawley Goodhart      Citation

Briscoe Goodhart      Citation

Elijah Goodhart      Citation

Friedrich Guthart     Citation

Henry Goodhart      Citation

Heinrich/Henry Goodhart      Citation

Jacob Goodhart      Citation

Jerome W. Goodhart      Citation

Sophia Eamich Goodhart      Citation

Henrietta W. Hauer      Citation

Peter Hickman      Citation

Adam Householder Jr.      Citation

Dr. Addison B. Householder       Citation

Catharine Smith Householder      Citation

Daniel Householder      Citation

Gideon Householder      Citation

Gideon Householder (1800-1845)      Citation

Julia Ann Kerns Householder       Citation

Sarah Janney Householder     Citation

Solomon Householder      Citation

Adam Housholter      Citation

Peter Jeremiah Kabrick      Citation

Elaine Painter Weds Clifton Thomas Walker In Beautiful Setting At St. James United Church of Christ (1959)

Catherine “Kate” Souder Rodeffer      Citation

Mark Mayberry Rodeffer      Citation

Mark & Kate Rodeffer 

Conrad Roller     Citation

Anne Catherine Ruse      Citation

Anna Catharina Lembach Ruse      Citation

Christian Gottlieb Ruse      Citation

Friedrich Schlotz (Slates)      Citation

Margaret Roller Schlotz      Citation

Johann Georg Schlotzer (Slater)      Citation

John Stoutsenberger      Citation