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This memorial was designed for you.

You make it come alive.

The memorial demands forgiveness and reconciliation.

I pray that we can live up to that demand.

The nation is reminded of the price they paid.


Lovettsville Veterans Memorial Dedication

Dedication of Monument, July 4, 1991

“In the name of the Town Council of Lovettsville, Virginia, I now dedicate this memorial; I dedicate it to the memory of those who fell in the service of our country.  I dedicate it in the name of those who offered their lives that justice, freedom and democracy might survive to be the victorious ideals of the peoples o the world.  The lives of those who have made the supreme sacrifice are glorious before us; their deeds are an inspiration.  As they served America in a time of war, yielding their last full measure of devotion, may we serve America in a time of peace.

“I dedicate this monument to them, and with it I dedicate tis Town of Lovettsville to the faithful service of our Country and to preservation of the memory of those who died that Liberty might live.”

—Councilman Richard T. Greene



Lovettsville Veterans Memorial Supporters


Richard T. Greene, former Lovettsville Town Councilman

Lifetime Members

Patsy Myers Boothe

James E. George

Martha Greene

Richard T. Greene

Evelyn Hatcher

Martinsburg Granite Company

Associate Members

John Clinton Allen

Pearl C. Cooper

John Moscarillo

Dorothy K. Rickard

A.M. Scott

Elaine Walker, former Mayor of Lovettsville

Su Webb

Larry Woodland




Lovettsville Students Use Multiple Tactics to Help & Honor Veterans (2016)


Lovettsville 4th Graders to Honor Veterans With Special Program (11/10/2016)



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