George’s Mill, Lovettsville, Virginia

George’s Mill, 11867 Georges Mill Road, Lovettsville, Virginia


Georges Mill Farm can be dated to records going back to 1774.   At that time, the land was owned by John George, who had come to Loudoun County around 1732 from Germany via Pennsylvania.  barn

John’s grandson, Samuel W. George, built the stone house that now serves as Georges Mill Farm Bed and Breakfast and where his descendents still live.  He chose the site where his grandfather had his garden. He beganconstruction around 1859.  When the Civil War broke out, work on the house came to a standstill.  Original work on the house was finished in 1869.

During the Civil War, Union troops of the Sixth New York Calvary camped on an area of Georges Mill Farm.  From here, they had access to the road that went to Harper’s Ferry.   Apparently during this interval, the officers were often guests of the family and developed friendships with the young ladies who lived here.  The family has letters from these officers as mementos of our history.