2013 Lectures


February 10, 2013:  “1863: Hoofbeats in the Heritage Area” by Rich Gillespie of the Mosby Heritage Area Association.

March 10, 2013:  19th Century Furniture-Making in Loudoun County,”  by Dr. Fred Johnson, author of Nineteenth Century Loudoun County, Virginia Chair Manufacturing.

April 14, 2013: The Creation of Lovettsville,”  by Thomas Bullock, LHS.

May 4, 2013:  Dedication of second Civil War Trails marker sign:  “Lovettsville in the Civil War: Union Gateway to Virginia.”  See Article.

May 12, 2013: The McCarty-Mason Duel: Politics and Partisanship in the 19th Century Loudoun,” by Elizabeth D. Whiting, president, Loudoun Museum.

June 9, 2013: “The Forgotten Role of Loudoun’s African-Americans in the Civil War,”  by Kevin Grigsby, author of From Loudoun to Glory. 

July 14, 2013:  Mr. Howser’s Suicide: The Rise and Disappearance of Berlin,”  by author Bruce Funk, preceded by LHS Annual Meeting.

August 11, 2013: “From Loudoun to Bedford,” by Gillian Leach and David Koontz, Bedford County (Pa.) Historical Society.

September 8, 2013:  ” The Stoutsenberger Farmstead Restoration Project,” by Eirik Harteis.

October 13, 2013: “The Creation of Lovettsville” (repeat) by Thomas Bullock, LHS.

November 10, 2013:  “The Towns of the Middletown Valley” by Dr. Robert Savitt, Middletown Valley Historical Society.