Fifth grader Gwendolyn Hanger wins LHS History Award

Fifth grader Gwendolyn Hanger was the winner of the Lovettsville Historical Society’s annual History Award, conferred upon a deserving student as part of the Fifth Grade Farewell Ceremony. The ceremony was held at Lovettsville Elementary School on June 14th.

Asked why they selected Gwendolyn for the award, her teachers described her as follows:

“Gwendolyn is the epitome of the lifelong inquisitive learner. She digs deep and asks probing questions. She sees and honors the connections between past historical folkways and events, and current culture. Gwendolyn is interested in the `why’ of things which very often leads her to initiate research into topics of interest. Her view of herself as the captain of her knowledge base includes her curiosity about the town she knows and loves, our own Lovettsville.”

The award was presented to Gwendolyn by Edward Spannaus, Vice-President of the Lovettsville Historical Society. He gave Gwendolyn an Award Certificate, a $50.00 check, and promised to get her a copy of the Lovettsville: The German Settlement book as soon as it is reprinted.

You can read Gwendolyn’s winning essay below.