Historian John Frye Speaks at Lovettsville Lecture Series – Purcellville Gazette (2016)

Historian John Frye will discuss the fascinating story of the C&O Canal and the history of transportation along the Potomac River. This is the third lecture in the Lovettsville Historical Society’s 2016 Lecture Series, titled, “George Washington DID NOT Build the C&O Canal: The Story of Potomac River Navigation, and the Rise and Demise of the C&O Canal” will be presented on Sunday, Apr. 10 at 2pm at St. James United Church of Christ in Lovettsville.

Mr. Frye, a native of Lovettsville, is the legendary chief historian and curator of the Western Maryland Room of the Washington County Free Library in Hagerstown. Mr. Frye founded the Western Maryland Room, a repository for the history and genealogy of central and western Maryland and nearby states, almost 50 years ago.