Civil War Research Files

Civil War Research Files in the Lovettsville Museum


Civil War Files —   Taylor Chamberlin Collection

Files donated to Lovettsville Historical Society

by Taylor M. Chamberlin

[Indexing in progress.]


Southern Claims Commission Files

Alder, Albert (Lov)

Appell, Thomas (Potomac Furnace)

Arnold, Joseph (Lov)

Baker, George (Lov)

Beamer, George (Lov)

Beans, Amos (Round Hill)

Boger, Jacob (Lov)

Boryer, Jacob (Lov)

Brislin, Michael (Lov)

Brown, Alonzo (Lov)

Buffington, Armistead M. (near Harpers Ferry)

Butts, Henry (Lov)

Butts, Oliver G. (see Wenner, George H.) (near Harpers Ferry)

Conard, Joseph (near Harpers Ferry)

Conard, Joseph M. (Lov)

Cooper, Adam (Lov)

Cooper, Elias (Bolington)

Cooper, Emeline (Lov)

Cooper, George (of G.) (Lov)

Cooper, George (of John) (Lov)

Cooper, George T. (Morrisonville/Lov)

Cooper, John (of P.) (Lov)

Crim, John (Bolington)

Crim, Samuel (Hillsboro)

Crim, William (Wheatland)

Derry, Philip (Hillsboro)

Downey, James M. (Taylorstown)

Edwards, Elizabeth (Neersville)

Edwards, Joseph L. (Neersville)

Edwards, Samuel H. (Neersville)

Everhart, Elizabeth (Lov)

Everhart, John (2) (Lov)

Everhart, John B. (Neersville)

Everhart, Joseph (Lov)

Everhart, Joshua (Lov)

George, Daniel B. (heirs of Samuel) (Lov)

George, Samuel (Lov)

George, Samuel W. (Part II) (Lov)

George, Samuel W. Jr. (Lov)

Grubb, Benjamin (Neersville)

Grubb, Samuel (Neersville)

Grubb, William (Neersville)

Hamilton, Edward F. (Bolington)

Harper, Charles F. (Goresville)

Heater, Richard (for John Heater) (Taylortown)

Heffner, Andrew (Lov)

Hilleary, William P. (Lov)

Jenkins, Reuben (Hillsboro, Woodgrove)

Jacobs, Edward N. (Bolington)

Johnson, Charles W. (Lov)

Kalb, Samuel (Lov)

Krantz, William H. (Union, now Unison)

Leslie, Benjamin (Hillsboro)

Leslie, John (Morrisonville)

Lovettsville Presbyterian Church


McIntosh, J.L. (estate)

Nisewarner, John (Lov. and BTH)

[Nixon – Lov., donated by Rob Legard]

Potterfield, Luther H. (Lov)

Potts, Edwin H. (Hillsboro)

Price, John (Neersville)

Riley, Absalom (Neersville)

Rivers, Joseph (Lov)

Seitz, Andrew (Lov)

Settle, Thomas (Pleasant Valley)

Slater, George (Lov)

Smith, Samuel (Lov)

Snoots, Susan Ann (Lov)

Souder, John (Taylorstown)

Stream, George W. (Lov)

Tritapoe, George C. (Taylorstown)

Virts, Peter (estate) (Lov)

Waters, Levi (Estate of John F. Waters) (Neersville)

Wenner, George H. (see Butts, Oliver)

Wenner, George S. (Lov)

Wenner, Jacob S. (Lov)

Wenner, Mary (Lov)

White, Joshua (Hillsboro)

Williams, Henry S. (Taylorstown)

Wright, Samuel (Lov)




Research files for Between Reb & Yank (in three-ring binders)


Contains copies of correspondence, newspaper articles, materials from the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion and other Civil War-period military documents from the National Archives, organized by time period.


#1 to May 1861

#2 July-Dec. 1861

#3 Jan.- May 1862

#4 June – Dec. 1862

#5 Jan.- Sept. 1863

#6 Oct. 1963 – Feb. 1864

#7 March – June 1864

#8 July – Dec. 1864

#9 – Jan. 1865 to end of war. (not in Museum)



Other Civil War Files


Ambrose, Marcus (see Painter, George)

Berkeley, Edmund diary excerpts

Burning Raid 1864

Cooper, Charles W. H. court martial

Divine, Joseph T. (see Misc. folder)

Dulany, Ida diary

Filler, A.T.M. – subject of Sheridan telegram (see Sheridan)

Ford, Capt. & Fish Lt. – court martial for robbing civilians

Ford, Capt. Samuel (5th Md. Inf.) court martial

Geary, Col John W. & 28th Pa.

Hagerstown, Battle of ,“Valor in the Streets” DVD

“History of the Organization of the Loudoun Rangers” in re claims for horses and forage

Ish (Ishy), Atwell, & Hixon court case

Letcher, Gov. (see Misc. folder)

Letters – misc.

Letters, misc. (Frank Myers and others)

Loudoun Rangers (see “History of …”)

McGrath, Maj. Eugene (5th NY Heavy Artillery) court martial

Means, Capt. Sam, claims against Means of Loudoun Rangers for horses etc.

Militia – Loudoun County

Newspaper clippings

Nisewarner diary

Painter, George W. trial for killing Marcus Ambrose

Palmer, Jonathan S. court martial

Poland, Alexander claims case

Prisoners — Harpers Ferry and elsewhere

Refugee debriefings by military

Ruse, George and Rus, A.T.M. (see Misc. folder)

Secession votes

Steer, Samuel — business ledgers from Point of Rocks

Sheridan telegram re ATM Filler

Thomas, Moses, capture of   (see Misc. folder)

Troop movements from OR

“White Flag Affair”

Wright, Gen. R.L. (see Misc. folder)`