VIDEO: Lovettsville Episodes of “Loudoun Scrapbook” (circa 1990)

Jump in our Wayback Machine to the days of VHS videotapes, and watch two back-to-back Lovettsville Episodes of the public access television program Loudoun Scrapbook on YouTube 

Guests interviewed and people thanked by the producers include: Esther Johnson, Eliza George Myers, Richard Hickman, Mrs. Richard Hickman, Robert Wire, Fran Wire, Lt. Col. Billy Simms, Mrs. Billy Simms, Ed Henline, Frankie Easterday, St. James UCC Pastor Roland England, Nancy England, Fred George III, Mrs. Fred George Jr., Marguerite Mentzer, Mike Miller, Cheryl Conrad, Martha Bernhart, Taylor Hines, Judy Hines, Martha Shurtleff, Linda Kelley, Mary Conover, Bryan Mullins, and Chuck Kaster.

In fond memory of interviewer and host Kathleen McCormick, recipient of the 1996 Loudoun History Award from the Thomas Balch Library.

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Thank you for sharing our passion about the history of our unique town of Lovettsville, Virginia.