Lovettsville History-Mystery #2 (2016)


Originally submitted by Amanda Conard on 11-26-16: an undated photo of a graduating class from Lovettsville High School.  Photo, compliments of the James S Conard family.

Additional information supplied on 12-12-16 by Walter Fleming, who identified more faces and pinpoints the year as 1942.

Please leave comments below and help identify all the students, and the year the photo was taken.

Students identified so far:

First row (left to right):  Jimmy George, Edward Brooks, Vivian Viola McGaha (Lynn), Graham Spring, ? could be Elizabeth Myers, ? could be Betty Wire, and Fairfax George.

Second row: James Conard wearing “L” letter sweater, don’t know, don’t know, Mary Frye, Ruth Thatchin (Sutpin), and William “Billy” Rollins.

Third row:  Mr. L. A. Womeldorf, John Compher, Tom Mentzer, unid’d female (standing slightly lower), Glenn Grove, unid’d female, Junior King, ? could be Betty Sue Potterfield (Tyler), and Bob Wire.

Others in class:  (in addition to the three question marks above: Elizabeth Myers, Betty Wire, and Betty Sue Potterfield ) were: Janet Baker, Jackie Brown (Thomas), Elizabeth Abel, and Sarah Menafee.

Download the original by clicking on photo below:


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