Lovettsville Launches Drive to Restore Old Butcher Shop As Town Museum (1974)

Metro Virginia News

Leesburg, VA
Sunday December 1, 1974
The town of Lovettsville, in a community bicentennial effort, will restore the town’s old butcher shop for use as a library and museum of town artifacts.
The Bicentennial Restoration Project, under the chairmanship of Willard Bishop, has recruited the help of several townspeople in the restoration, but estimates an additional $5,000 will be needed to get the project under way.  The first fundraising event for the project, a spaghetti dinner, bazaar and bake sale, will be held December 8 [1974] from 12 noon to 6 pm at the Lovettsville Community Center (the old Lovettsville School).  A complete spaghetti diner will be offered for $1.75.
The butcher shop is believed to be 100 years old.  Walter Willams, a senior citizen of Lovettsville, recalls that the shop was owned by Thomas Potterfield, the father of Dot Potterfield and Winifred Myers.
Williams said that a scalding though for the butchering of hogs was in the back of the shop, along with an unusual pole and lever device for lowering the hogs into the trough.  Beef was also butchered in the shop, Williams said, and sold in Lovettsville and in a Brunswick shop operated by Potterfield’s son Robert.
The restoration will preserve for the town’s residents  the memory of this one important town business.  A special corner of the shop will be dedicated to the use of children, to encourage them to become aware of their heritage.

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