The Lovettsville Museum Project (1975)

The Piedmont Virginian,

September 3, 1975

With fanfare and speeches, the Lovettsville Restoration Committee began its first Bicentennial project Saturday, August 30 [1975].  The committee project for under way with demolition of a lean-to built on the back end of the old meat store.  The meat store, which was built in 1904, will be renovated at a cost of $5,000 and will house a small library and gift shop when the project is completed.
The lean-to, according to Willard Bishop, chairman of the Restoration Committee, was not an original part of the building, and for that reason it was being demolished.  Unfortunately, the lean-to proved to be stronger than expected.  A pick-up truck was supposed to pull the building down, but when the truck lurched forward, only six boards came off the building.  Bishop said the demolition would be finished later, with hammers and crowbars.  Before the “demolition,” speeches were made by Mayor Richard Hickman, Mrs. Jasper Rickard, and Ben Lawrance, Chairman of the Loudoun County Independent Bicentennial Commission.  Mrs. Rickard gave a brief history of the building, saying that Thomas Potterfield, a veteran of the Civil War, had been the original owner.  She also told the audience of some 40 persons that cattle and other livestock were butchered behind the building, and hung outside.  She said most of the meat was shipped to other areas, although some of the meat was sold in Lovettsville.
Mayor Hickman hailed the event as unique “in the life of our community,” and hoped the building would “continue to be a landmark.”  He commended the Restoration Committee for their “contribution to the Bicentennial.”
“We are looking forward to having a lovely display here in 1976,” said Lawrance.
Money for the restoration has been raised by spaghetti dinners and donations from people in the town.  Bishop also said a donation  of $15,000 was given by the Loudoun County Independent Bicentennial Commission for the project.  Most of the work, he said, was volunteer labor.
Bishop also stated that the books in the library will be donated by the Purcellville Public Library.

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