Postponed: April 19 “Loudoun County: Federalist Stronghold in Virginia”

Charles Fenton Mercer


Leven Powell
Leven Powell

It is well-known that Alexander Hamilton’s vision of America’s future as an industrialized nation was not broadly popular in Virginia, where the opposition was led by Thomas Jefferson. But not all Virginians shared Jefferson’s animosity. Here in northern Virginia, especially Loudoun County, Hamilton’s Federalist Party enjoyed solid support.
In her lecture, Nancy Spannaus, author of Hamilton Versus Wall Street, will discuss how leading Loudoun Federalists pressed for Hamilton’s program. Loudoun produced two of the most prominent Federalists in the state, Levin Powell of Middleburg and Charles F. Mercer of Aldie. Their lengthy careers enrich the picture of Virginian politics on the crucial issues of the time—and even today.
Nancy will be joined by Franklin Bell, who has done extensive research on Mercer’s career.