The Richard H. Hickman Scrapbook Collection (2018)

Out of the File Cabinets, and Into Archival Sleeves.

The Lovettsville Museum is excited to announce that the entire multi-volume Richard H. Hickman Scrapbook Collection has been placed in protective page sleeves by our archivists, and made permanently accessible to the public for browsing.

The scrapbooks contain a wealth of fascinating clippings saved over the years by Pauline Rodeffer Hickman, former Lovettsville Mayor Richard H. Hickman, Sr., and his wife Sue Wire Hickman.

The clippings pertain to people, places and events in Lovettsville and all around Loudoun County, Virginia from 1922 to the early 2000s.

The following paragraph was contributed by Dick Hickman, son of Richard H. Hickman:

“Dad would read and save every Brunswick Citizen Newspaper that he received weekly and every Loudoun Times Mirror that he subscribed to.  During the winter months, he would sit by hours in what we called the play room upstairs in our house and cut out every article that was related to the town, and would organize them and took great care putting them in the various scrapbooks.  [My sister] Marilyn and I could always tell what our dad had been up to when he came down the stairs from that room.  He would have printer’s ink on his hands.  I just know our dad believed one day his children would make sure his hard work on the scrapbooks would find their way to the museum.  Dad took great pride in being Mayor of Lovettsville for many years.  What the town has today is due to the hard work of Richard Hickman, Bea McClain, and Tom Kane.  They were the backbone of Lovettsville for many wonderful years.”

The Lovettsville Historical Society deeply thanks the Hickman Family for donating these scrapbooks to the Lovettsville Museum’s archives, where they are an invaluable resource to the community.  Come in and browse the Hickman Scrapbooks at the Lovettsville Museum & Archives on Saturdays, 1:00-4:00. Directions:

Dick and Sue Hickman copy

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