Girl Scouts Enjoy the Lovettsville Museum’s First Downtown Walking Tour (11/12/2018)

The Lovettsville Museum recently hosted a field trip with Lovettsville Girl Scout Troop 70074, a large and active troop of fourth grade Junior-level Girl Scouts from Lovettsville Elementary School. The girls were working on their requirements for the Local Lore badge.  Thanks to our recent renovations, the Lovettsville Museum’s volunteers, Mike Zapf and Melani Carty, were able to cover the following bullet points from the badge booklet:


Every town has a story. Every town had people and events that helped make it what it is today.  How much do you know about where you live? Find out more with these badge activities.

  • Word of Mouth.  Find out about a story, legend, monument, or landmark in your community.
  • It’s All On the Maps.  How has your community changed?  Locate a map of your town that is at least 25 years old.  Compare that map with one from today.  What has changed? What has remained the same?  Are all the changes for the better?  Which ones would you like to undo?  Why?
  • From Above.  See aerial photos of your community over a period of time.  What story do these photos tell about changes in your community?
  • Tour Your Community.  Take part in a tour of your town.  Look for three different examples of architecture from different historical periods.  When and why were the buildings or houses built?  What types of materials were used?
  • Take A Trip.  Visit a local museum, historical society, or town hall to learn more about the history of your city or town.  What new things did you learn?

At the end of the field trip, the girls were able to identify many of the iconic buildings that are depicted on the Lovettsville Quilt, a folk art quilt created in 1990 by a committee of local quilting hobbyists.

How many Lovettsville buildings do you recognize on the Lovettsville Community Quilt?

See also, Historical Photographs of Lovettsville, Virginia.

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