Lovettsville Museum Wins Award in “Light Up Lovettsville” Contest (2017)

On December 20, 2017, at the “Light Up Lovettsville” awards ceremony at Lovettsville Town Hall, Mayor Bobby Zoldos and Councilwoman Kimberly Allar handed out the awards for Lovettsville homes and businesses with the best holiday exterior illumination.  Lovettsville Historical Society & Museum received first prize in the category “Best Overall Holiday Spirit Trophy (Best Business Display).” Elaine Walker accepted the award from current Lovettsville Mayor Bobby Zoldos on behalf of the Lovettsville Historical Society & Museum.  Walker is a former multi-term Mayor of Lovettsville, a current board member of the LHS, and one of the original trustees of the Lovettsville Museum, which opened in 1976.  By Walker’s side was Lovettsville Historical Society board member, Melani Carty, who, along with fellow LHS board members Sam Kroiz and Ed Spannaus, illuminated all four sides of the exterior of the Museum building with mini-lights and LED spotlights.

Fred George III, President of the Lovettsville Historical Society, and his wife Anne George, provided the Light Up Lovettsville judges with warm and comfortable transportation through all the streets in town, in their personal tour bus.  See below for the complete list of categories and winners.

Fred and Anne George piloting their tour bus full of Light Up Lovettsville judges. Photo, courtesy of Eric Wickstrom, Vintage Photo Works.
2017 Lovettsville Museum Illuminated
Photo of the Lovettsville Museum illuminated for the holidays, courtesy of Melani Carty.












  • The “Bing Crosby Award” for the Most Traditional:
    • 1st Place – Cahill Family, 30 Tritapoe Place
    • 2nd Place – Vannoy Family, 24 Kimberly Kristen Way
    • 3rd Place – Wenner Family, 1 Park Place
  • The “Macy’s Award” for Best Theme:
    • 1st Place – Steadman Family, 114 Eisentown Drive(their display lights up the whole neighborhood!)
    • 2nd Place – Sullivan Family, 22 Kimberly Kristen Way
    • 3rd Place – Russart Family, 13 Lovett Drive
  • The “Chevy Chase Award” for the Most Outrageous:
    • 1st Place – Bradley Family, 8 Daniel Keys Lane (wow…just wow.  Yes, it can be seen from space!)
    • 2nd PlaceLickey Family, 3 Red Bud Lane (still the kings of the inflatables!)
    • 3rd Place –Samaha Family, 13 Cooper Run (this display was set up by the children of the family-way to go kids!)
  • The “Rudolph Award” for best new display
    • 1st Place – Pearson Family, 7 South Berlin Pike
    • 2nd PlaceFewell Family, 21 Hammond Drive (their elves performed on the judging bus!)
    • 2nd PlaceGiles Family, 18 South Loudoun Street
  • Business with the Most Holiday Spirit
    • 1st Place – Lovettsville Historical Society and Museum, 4 East Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Honorable Mention – Lovettsville B.P.
    • Honorable Mention – Palmercare Chiropractic
    • Honorable Mention – Lovettsville Community Center
  • Judges Award for a display that we just had to mention
    • Patterson Family, 23 South Berlin Pike (the judges just love their simple classic display of light up reindeer!)
  • The “Juniper Drive Award” for the Best Street in Town!
    • Eisentown Drive (another Three-peat!)
  • And the Best in Show for the whole town is…(drumroll please):
    • Steadman Family, 114 Eisentown Drive