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Our July 2021 newsletter is here!

July 3, 2021 LHS_Admin 0

Our monthly newsletter for July 2021 has just been published.  It features reports on the Museum reopening on August 3, and plans to resume our monthly lecture series, as well as the annual Lovettsville Elementary […]

Emory Timbers vested (2)

Emory Franklin Timbers: A Fisher of Men

June 2, 2021 LHS_Admin 0

By Howard Gilbert Timbers An important landmark of the Timbers Family history is the small community near Lovettsville, Virginia called Little Britain.  This small, rural close-knit African-American community was centered around its church (Mount Sinai […]

The Mount Sinai Cemetery lot as seen from Britain Road, February 2021

Is this a cemetery?

March 5, 2021 LHS_Admin 0

Family and Friends of Mount Sinai Cemetery are planning a Spring clean-up, as a first step toward a restoration of this historic cemetery which was active from at least 1887 to 1955, perhaps longer. The […]

Michael Zapf speaking at the Elaine Walter memorial service

Honoring Former Mayor Elaine Walker

October 28, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

  Memorial Address for Elaine Walker  Delivered by Michael Zapf on behalf of the Lovettsville Historical Society, October 10th, 2020 at the Walker Pavilion, Lovettsville Elaine Walker’s career in the administration of Lovettsville’s town government is […]

Folly Ln 1 (3)

Whose Folly, or Who’s Fawley?

September 5, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

During colonial times, it was common for land tracts to be given colorful names, such as “Tasker’s Chance,” “Arnold’s Delight,” “Mortality,” or “Mill’s Folly” — all of which were in nearby Frederick County, Maryland. “Folly” […]

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Our August 2020 Newsletter has launched!

August 1, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

Our August Newsletter is now available, featuring an introduction to the Loudoun Farm Heritage Museum and the role that Lovettsville-area farming plays in the story it tells.  Get the Newsletter here.  

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Our July 2020 Newletter is ready

July 4, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

Our July newsletter launches the “Voices of Lovettsville” campaign, to collect the stories of your experiences in the time of Covid-19.  And our history feature story is a bit of a history mystery:   discovering how […]

Screenshot_2020-06-04 New video by Nate Fontaine (3)

“Why Do We Commemorate Memorial Day?”

June 4, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

Memorial Day remarks by Edward Spannaus, Lovettsville Historical Society, May 25, 2020, delivered as part of the Town of Lovettsville’s virtual Memorial Day Ceremony. The video of the entire event can be viewed here.    […]

The Hessian Barracks in Frederick, Maryland as they appear today.

Hessian Soldiers in Lovettsville

April 3, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

Hessian Soldiers in Lovettsville  By Edward Spannaus During the American Revolution, tens of thousands of German soldiers were sent by their rulers to fight against the American colonists on behalf of the British crown. Thousands […]

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Our January 2020 Newsletter is now available!

January 3, 2020 LHS_Admin 0

Get the full January issue here.  Feb. 9:  “Lovettsville 101:”  An introduction to The German Settlement Rob Jones honored at LHS Annual Membership Meeting Feature article:  Luther Potterfield and the Lovettsville Potterfields: A Family Divided Rev. […]

Domer Fowler (2)

The German-American Zweitürhaus

November 1, 2019 LHS_Admin 0

  Why does that house have two front doors?    One little-known feature which gives the Lovettsville area a distinctive Germanic flavor, is the presence of a number of two-door houses – that is, two […]

Ref-Ch-site-view-from-back-of-site-678x381 (3)

Finding Loudoun’s Historic Cemeteries

June 15, 2019 LHS_Admin 0

As part of a broader effort to identify and preserve Loudoun County historic cemeteries and burial grounds, a newly-developed, interactive Loudoun County cemeteries map was unveiled at the June 4 Board of Supervisors meeting. With […]

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Our June 2019 newsletter is now available!

June 1, 2019 LHS_Admin 0

For our latest issue, read it here. In this issue: Lecture June 9: “A conversation with Walter Fleming” Upcoming LHS lectures and events Heritage Commission proposal presented to Supervisors 1938 WPA Historical Inventory: New Jerusalem […]

Picture of Linden Hall

February 2019 Newsletter is now available

February 2, 2019 LHS_Admin 0

Our February newsletter has just been published — accompanying the Russell Baker story, is a fascinating  school petition from the 1930s by parents from Morrisonville, plus photographs, and lots of other news about upcoming history […]

Willow Bend Inn-Matchbook

Lovettsville History-Mystery #1 (2016)

October 5, 2016 LHS_Admin 2

LOVETTSVILLE HISTORY-MYSTERY #1:  Can you help the Lovettsville Museum by telling us anything you might know about the “Willow Bend Inn,” J.F. McCormick, proprietor?  According to the cover on this matchbook purchased on eBay, the Willow Bend […]