The last days of the old Brunswick bridge — and other stories of our ferries and bridges

Above:  Photograph from The Times-Herald, Feb. 10, 1953, courtesy of Brunswick History Commission.  Automobiles are crossing the old bridge, as a construction crane is used to lower the superstructure for the new bridge, which replaced the old one in 1955.

Our friends in the Brunswick History Commission have posted many hundreds of old photographs and news articles online– which are of interest to those in the Lovettsville area as well.  Among these are many news stories and pictures of the old Brunswick bridge and the construction of the new span which was completed in 1955.

For example, here are a number of stories about the history of ferries and early crossings across the Potomac between Berlin/Brunswick, and The German Settlement/Lovettsville.


The Brunswick History Commission has many pictures of the old Old Brunswick bridge 15 mph (2)Old Brunswick_and_Lovettsville_Bridgebridge that was built in the 1890s:

Old Bridge Post_Card_of_Old_Bridge
Post card of old bridge looking toward Brunswick
Old Bridge,_Horse_and_rider_on_Bridge,_No_date (2)
Old bridge with horse and rider